This page is here to help you avoid inaccurate information about runes.

Sorry if you find this a disappointment, but there are no Celtic Runes. The Celts never used runes at all. Sure, there are any number of books, articles and websites that talk about Celtic Runes, but they are misinformed or simply making it up.

There is a system of writing used by Irish Celts that originated probably in the 4th Century CE. It is  called Ogham (pronounced Oh-ehm) and it bears a superficial resemblance to runes, but it is entirely different and was quite rare. If you want to find out about Ogham, take a look at the Wikipedia article at:

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If you want to know all about runes, visit these websites for a comprehensive guide to the entire subject of runes - their history, development, and their use in divination and magic. The Runemaker's Guide to the Runes. Download free articles on runes. Rune tattoo resources for individuals and tattoo artists. Official homepage of the world famous runemistress. 24 free or inexpensive True Type rune fonts for Windows.

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If you come across any websites about Celtic, Gaelic, British, Druid, or Witch Runes, pass them by, there are no such things. The Runes are entirely Germanic, Scandinavian, or English.

But, hey, you don't have to take my word for it. Look up "runes" in Wikipedia, any respectable encyclopædia, or check out books by the expert archæological runologists such as R I Page, R W V Elliott and E Moltke. They will all tell you the same thing.

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